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Gluten Free: the Healthy Diet

January 17, 2013

We hear it every where it seems these days. Gluten free is a healthy diet and everyone should shun wheat and the like. Better yet a grain free diet is the best, or so goes another diet “health” fad. Still another one is saying that we should consume only ancient grains. Side note: don’t ever tell someone on a gluten-free diet that you are going on one “Just Because”. It is like slapping us in the face. Back to the real point of this post. I am here to tell you (brace yourselves) that gluten-free and even grain free are not healthier. Just look in stores and you will soon discover that eating this way isn’t a healthy way at all. Many of the products we crave and can get are full of starches and sugars. We have just transposed the traditional American diet to the trend of Gluten Free.

Most people feel great when they initially get rid of gluten. That is because they have eliminated most of the middle of the grocery store. No more processed foods, creamy salad dressings, forget the bakery aisle, and eating out is limited. Many candies are off-limits too. But then these same people discover the “Health Food” stores or sections of stores. Low and behold there are cookies, candies, and snacks without gluten. There are boxed dinners, microwave dinners, and quick mixes for cake. These people have just traded one bad diet for another, more expensive bad diet.

We consume to much of everything. Did you know that Americans consume more soy then most people in Asian countries. I have been told by friends and family who have traveled to China and Japan that our soy based products are more numerous than theirs. The following is a non-alarmist article on soy and how it is to be consumed.
I use this example because, in my opinion, we are doing the same thing with the gluten-free craze.

I am sorry for the rant and if you are feeling a little depressed at this point. I do have a solution, although it may not be to everyone’s taste. Cook your own food. That is right, just learn how to cook. Even if you don’t eliminate wheat from your diet you will feel so much better by making your own healthy food. Limit you intake of sugar. This includes honey too. Honey can spike your blood sugar (check out the American Diabetes Association website). The one thing I make every week is bread. I make different varieties. I use the basic bread mix as a start then add buckwheat and even other grains like millet and teff. We do not have cookies and cakes every week. We don’t even have sandwiches for lunch everyday. Keep a lot of fruits and veggies on hand. If you don’t like them then learn to like them. Did you like the redundancy of the solution?

Thank you for taking time to read through this rant. Cheers!

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